SSR Vienna Kreis B-DAY Present fot Quilla

3:11 PM / Posted by itachi1uchiha /

Reason i give out this present is that i won't be here on TheQuilla's bday,and i wanted to give him earlier :D
As title says SSR Vienna Kreis rim,12k polys,full quality,works in SA,looks cool :D
Private,and i don't have it now,ask quilla for it (bet that he won't give to anyone :P)...

Hope U'll like't and thequilla happy bday(in 6 dayz xD)

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1:52 PM / Posted by itachi1uchiha /

Finally Christmas in this house came earlier, got new pc yeah!
Happy :D

(Hope U'll like't blabla :D)



Roda SA Walkthrough/Tutorial

6:38 AM / Posted by itachi1uchiha /

This was first thought to be walkthrough my work, but in the end it just 'become' intermediate tutorial.. So only begginers may not get this,but i'm sure others will catch up :)
L8r i'll make some more
*NOTE Right clikc and open/view image to see,or better save it to your PC for easier reading

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